So the holiday season is finished, the children have been enjoying all their new presents and you’re left wondering how to get them to write and send out those thank you notes. One great way to easily and painlessly get those notes done is to incorporate them into school.

For years I have done this with my own boys, making time during the school hours to write simple notes of thanks to relatives and friends who were kind enough to share their bounty with us. Because we started early and used time and effort they would have normally used for schoolwork, my guys have always been willing to write their thank you cards. They’ve even come to enjoy the creativity they can incorporate and have come up with some real doozies!

Here are a few reasons thank you letters count as real writing:

    • It motivates kids to write because they know that the notes aren’t an “extra” writing project.
    • It counts as a lesson in how to write a friendly letter.
    • It allows for true expression, which is what writing really is.
    • It encourages thankfulness and communication.
    • It allows for creativity, especially when you encourage them to go beyond the simple template of, “Thank you for the BLANK. I like it a lot.”
    • It’s writing!

Don’t forget to allow your kids a little leeway when they write. Make it fun to do those cards by allowing them to express their own thoughts, include drawings or write them on the computer. My own kids have made puzzle thank yous, computer programs, simple typed letters and handwritten cards. All count as writing and all will be readily welcomed by recipients.

Here are a few great resources to get you started:


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